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14 October 2010 @ 06:05 pm
Harry Potter Meme: Day 2 & 3  
Day 01: Favourite Book
Day 02: Favourite Movie
Day 03: Favourite Male Character

Day 04: Favourite Female Character
Day 05: Favourite Trio Character
Day 06: Favourite Marauder
Day 07: Best Scene from a movie
Day 08: Favourite Animal from the Potterverse
Day 09: Your House
Day 10: Your Patronus
Day 11: Your Wand
Day 12: Favourite ‘Ship (Canon or not.)
Day 13: Actor that Fits Their Character the Best/ Recast Character
Day 14: A Quote
Day 15: Favourite Track from the OSTs
Day 16: A Spell
Day 17: A Magical Locale
Day 18:: Best Magical Food Made in Real Life
Day 19: A Deathly Hallows Item
Day 20: Saddest Character Death*
Day 21: Least Favourite Character
Day 22: Least Favourite Book
Day 23: Least Favourite Movie
Day 24: A Quote
Day 25: Favourite Chapter Illustration
Day 26: Person You Enjoy Disliking**
Day 27: Method of Transportation
Day 28: Your Quidditch Team
Day 29: A Gif

I kind of forgot about this :/ So here's day two and three!

Day 02: Favourite Movie:

This movie was awesome. The book, while it wasn't my favorite (I'd place it at number three!), was awesome and I think it might have been the first one to make me cry. The movie didn't make me cry, mostly because while I love Sirius, I'm just not obsessed with the character. Still, the movie was captivating. It was exciting, it startled me, and when I went to see it in theaters, I went with people who (at the time) were really important to me. Of course, when Deathly Hallows comes out, this movie is probably going to get replaced. I already know it.

Day 03: Favourite Male Character:

Draco Malfoy. I love him. He's such an interesting character! My friends don't understand why I like him so much and that's fine with me. He is such a real character, and that means a lot to me. While I didn't agree with a lot that he did, I understand why. He is really complex, scarily easy to relate to, and not to mention, the actor who plays him is crazy hot :p
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vamplover85vamplover85 on October 15th, 2010 12:25 am (UTC)
Oh! Draco. <3 He's an awesome character and I grew over time to love him...he had his flaws...but he was just great. and oooo! That has to be my too! I gotta get back this meme....I'll do it tonight!